NTS Mathematics MCQs Questions With Answers, Sample Paper For Preparation

National Testing Service NTS Mathematics MCQs questions with answers, sample paper for preparation online is available here. You can prepare these sample papers for any test for admission or any job entry test. These sample papers are containing general mathematics-solving questions. So these NTS mathematics sample papers are suitable for all the questions held for job or admission intake. Math is a tough subject for most students. It is not an easy task to attempt its entry test. The purpose of these sample papers is just to provide you helping material for the official statement. While in case of anyone who will pass this test will be called for the entry test. Keep on reading this article to get further details about when the NTS Mathematics MCQs questions with answers.

NTS Mathematics MCQs Questions With Answers, Sample Paper For Preparation

In the below of this passage we are sharing the NTS mathematics multiple choice questions MCQs with answers. Each question carry one number for its correct attempt. While in case of wrong question attept the negative marking will be deducted with two marks. So just attemt that question which is correct and you are sure about to attempt that question.

NTS Mathematics MCQs Questions With Answers, Sample Paper For Preparation

  • 1. A German class has 12 boys and 18 girls. What fraction of the class are boys?
    A) 1/6B) 3/5
    C) 2/3
    D) 4/15
  • 2. The least number which when divided by 35, leaves a remainder of 25; when divided with 45 leaves a remainder of 35 and when divided by 55 leaves 45 as a remainder, is
    A) 3455
    B) 3465
    C) 3475
    D) 10
  • 3. It takes Riaz 30 minutes to mark a paper. Razi only needs 25 minutes to mark a paper. If they both start marking paper at 11:00 AM, What is the first time they will finish marking a paper at the same time?
    A) 12:30
    B) 12:45
    C) 1:30
    D) 12:25
  • 4. A rectangular field which is twice as long as it is broad, has an area of 14450 M2, What is its perimeter?
    A) 85 m
    B) 510 m
    C) 165 m
    D) 170 m
  • 5. The difference between the first two perfect squares that end with a 9 is :
    A) 11
    B) 40
    C) 30
    D) 120
  • 6. Asim has an average of 60 on his four math tests. After taking the next test, his average dropped to 58. Find his most recent test grade.
    A) 40
    B) 50
    C) 48
    D) 32
  • 7. In a city 90% of the population owns a car, 15% own a motorcycle, and everybody owns one or the other or both. What is the percentage of motorcycle
    A) 15%B) 5%
    C) 75%
    D) 33 1/3%
  • 8. If 15 workers can paint a certain number of houses in 24 days, how many days will 40 workers take, working at the same rate, to do the same job?
    A) 12 Days
    B) 18 Days
    C) 15 Days
    D) 9 Days
  • 9. Jafer drew a square, He then erased it and drew a second square whose sides were 3 times the side of the first square. By what percent was the area of the square increased?
    A) 300%B) 800%
    C) 400%
    D) 200%
  • 10. The price of a can of acid was increased by 20%. How many cans can be purchased for the amount of money that used to buy 300 cans?
    A) 250
    B) 320
    C) 150
    D) 240
  • 11. At Bilal’s Discount Hardware everything is sold for 30% less than the price market. If Bilal’s buys tool bits for Rs. 96, What price should he mark them if he wants to make a 20% profit on his cost?
    A) 117
    B) 146
    C) 96
    D) 127
  • 12. If A gets 25% more than B and B gets 20% more than C. The share of C out of a sum of Rs. 740 is:
    A) 150
    B) 200
    C) 250
    D) 300
  • 13. Honda Atlas issued 100,000 shares of stock. In 1990, each share of stock was worth Rs. 152.50. In 1993, each share of the stock was worth Rs. 21.20. How much less the 100,000 shares worth in 1993 than in 1990?
    A) 2052459
    B) 3130000
    C) 15250000
    D) 12120000
  • 14. If 15 boys working independently and at the same rate can assemble 30 machines in an hour, How many machines would 48 boys working independently and at the same rate assemble in 40 minutes?
    A) 54
    B) 64
    C) 96
    D) 68
  • 15. An office has a staff of 6 people. A certain project will take the regular staff 24 hours to complete. Assuming that all the workers will perform at this rate, How many additional workers must be employed to complete the job in 8 hours?
    A) 18
    B) 06
    C) 12
    D) 10
  • 16. 40% of a number is 56. What is the number?
    (A) 120
    (B) 140
    (C) 160
    (D) 180
  •  17) What is the average of the first 150 natural numbers?
    (A) 70
    (B) 70.5
    (C) 75
    (D) 75.5

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NTS Mathematics MCQs Questions Answers:

  • 1) D
  • 2) A
  • 3) C
  • 4) B
  • 5) B
  • 6) B
  • 7) D
  • 8) D
  • 9) B
  • 10) A
  • 11) B
  • 12) B
  • 13) B
  • 14) B
  • 15)C
  • 16) B
  • 17) D

We are telling you about the Multiple Choice Questions MCQs which will be held in the test. Their marks and the method about how to attempt this test in the correct way. The entry test taken by the National Testing Service is not an easy task for students to attempt. They have set tough criteria for students which is why it will be beneficial for all of you to pass its entry test. As per the rules and regulations, it is to be informed that if any eligible candidate will be failed in this test will be rejected to proceed.

So these are some samples of NTS Mathematics MCQs questions with answers, sample paper for preparation of test for admission, and job. Hope you have obtained all the preparation material. But in case of any further details or suggestions, you can leave comments in the following commenting section.