Ramadan 2024 First 1st Ashra Dua in Arabic, Urdu, English Download

Ramadan 2024 First 1st Ashra Dua in Arabic, Urdu, English Download: Finally after the wait of one whole year the blessed month is once again back in Muslim countries. Ramadan is one such month for which Muslims wait around excitedly because this is the just month through which they get the chance to be closer to their God. In Muslim countries, this month holds a great sum of value and importance. In all the Muslim countries Ramadan month is welcomed with zeal and zest. This month rests for about 30 days and in these 30 days, Muslims are required to keep the fast. In this fast, they are not allowed to eat or drink anything from the dawn till the sunset.

Ramadan 2024 First 1st Ashra Dua in Arabic, Urdu, English Download

As per the Ruet-e-Hilal Committee set on, it was told on television news channels that the Ramadan moon will starts in the morning of 14th April and will be able to see in the evening of same day. And as per this moon age the first ahra of Ramzan 2024 will started over with 1st Roza from Wednesday 14 April 2024 (Innsha Allah).

Ramadan 2024 First 1st Ashra Dua in Arabic, Urdu, English Download

When Is Ramadan 2024 First Ashra Starting?

Ramadan in the year 2024 will start on Wednesday 14 April 2024 and it will be going to end up on 23 or 24 May 2024. If you want to know about when is Ramadan 2024 first Ashra starting then you are informed that it will long for 10 ten days starting from 14 April to 13 May 2024. Here we would like to mention for the readers that Ramadan is always observed on the same day of the Islamic calendar just as the date on the Gregorian calendar that varies from year to year. We all know the fact that the Gregorian calendar is a solar calendar and the Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar. The date of Ramadan is different in various countries as it depends on the movement of the moon as to whether it is sighted or not.

Ramadan 2024 First 1st Ashra Dua:

Now many people have been searching around for the Ramadan 1st Ashra Dua. It is often at the fingertips of the Muslims as they remembered it by heart. But still, for the easiness of the readers, we will provide them with the Ramadan 2024 First 1st Ashra Dua in Arabic, Urdu, and English.  On this webpage, they will be getting all the latest updates about Ramadan 2024. Plus we will be going to update the timetable and schedule for the whole Ramadan 2024 month as soon as the final date of Ramadan beginning will be announced.

Ramadan 2024 First 1st Ashra Dua in Arabic English Download

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So all the Muslims out there get ready because the month of blessed Ramadan 2024 is just one month away. It’s time to make a strong relationship with God and wash out all your sins in these 30 days. Stay tuned to this webpage for getting the latest updates about Ramadan!